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Our unique one piece welded roof system, supplied by BWM Ltd., is constructed with tubular box section high quality aluminium spars, cladded with a PVCu covering thus achieving its U-Value and combating against surface condensation.

We are proud to state that our roofs are designed and manufactured to the highest of our industry standards. Our roof system is uniquely tested at the University of Wales. It surpassed all tests and exceeded snow loadings equivalent to 1 metre of snow. A test was carried out to demonstrate its strength be resting a saloon car on the conservatory roof thereby putting its unsurpassed strength into dramatic perspective.


Choosing the right windows and doors for your home can be a tough decision to make. You need to consider style, comfort, security, performance and durability, you want a product that will enhance the appearance and value of your property for years to come. Alpha chooses to use windows manufactured by Kömmerling, (Europe's No 1 PVC-u Window profile).

Kommerling O70 Gold

The new O70 GOLD system with its revolutionary 'Ovolo' profile has been designed to compliment the more traditional looking home - offering a unique combination of classic appearance and state - of - the - art performance. The curved slimline frames create a much 'softer' look to new windows, whilst offering the unrivalled benefits associated with maintenance - free PVC-u frames.

Kömmerling O70 GOLD is available in the most extensive suite of 'ovolo' curved - profile products you will find anywhere, offering the greatest possible choice of window and door options to suit any home.

Kömmerling 'Timberlook' Windows

Kömmerling 'Timberlook' Windows is a PVC-u window system with the traditional features of timber. 'Timberlook' windows are internally beaded for extra security and has an ovalo feature which replicates traditional timber design. A matching ovalo bead for the glazing creates a uniform site line.

The 'Timberlook' range is available in white PVC-u finish and also with a rosewood mahogany, light oak and ebony (black) woodgrain foil and are manufactured to British Standard BS 7412 and BS 7950/7412.

The Timberlook Astragal Bar has a plant on Georgian Bar to both the inside and outside of the double glazed grid spacer unit creating an authentic looking Georgian Bar Window.

Doors - Quality and Security

Fire Safety

With today's strict insurance laws, it's important that your home is both compliant and safe. The government's HSE has produced a paper recognising polystyrene as a fire hazard, so if you are considering a new door with a panel, then you need to be aware of the facts. 2004 sees the introduction of the fire rated Styrofoam core, and a fire rated PVCu surface as standard construction on our door panels. We are continuously improving our products to ensure you always have the best.

Enhanced Security

These stunning panels will grace any home. The cast resin used to produce these bevels is very strong and when applied to the glass, makes the glass far stronger than either toughened or laminated glass.

Resin Colours

When applied to the outside of glass it is scratch resistant and will remain permanently in place. It does not tarnish and will retain it's good looks for many years to come.

Buy with Confidence, enhance your home with a quality door panel from our comprehensive range and enjoy the benefits of fifteen years experience in research, development and the manufacture of quality door panels.


Roto Pincer High Security Sash - double the security Loss of treasured possessions and damage to property are the obvious consequences of burglary, but the invasion of your home by a complete stranger can be particularly disturbing for you and your family. The Roto Pincer High Security Sash is a major breakthrough in window locking systems.

Easy to use and secure

Precision engineering provides smooth, effortless operation. With a simple turn of the handle the unique gearbox activates up to four pairs of high strength, 'mushroom pincers', simultaneously driving each pincer into a double-sided security striker from opposite directions.

This double action locking means that any attempt to force one pincer out of its closed position merely forces the opposing pincers deeper into their strikers, strengthening rather than weakening the system's security.

Energy Efficiency

The British Government's legally - binding commitment to reduce green house gases is fully supported by Kömmerling. The company has undertaken an extensive testing programme to ensure all its products not only meet, but exceed the stringent requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. Under test Kömmerling windows achieved a U - value well below the Government's target of 2.0 W/m²K.

Kömmerling windows have been tested and proven to perform in all kinds of extreme conditions. One test took place at 2,300 m above sea level, with windows exposed for 15 years to strong UV - radiation, freezing temperatures and heavy storms. from windows to seals, everything proved to be in the same condition at the end of the test period.

The Kömmerling Connoisseur GOLD specification includes many features and benefits that make it simply unbeatable:

  • Steel re-enforced profiles
  • Multipoint locking and shoot bolts
  • Sealed unit double glazing
  • High impact profiles
  • Home comfort frames
  • Internal beading
  • Colourfast PVC-u